Member Dialogue

Member Dialogue© is an internet-based email platform available to all PSPA Members, both Individual Members and Business Members.

Member Dialogue is a convenient easy-to-use business-email platform designed to encourage communications between parties who have unresolved employment related issues, problems, or concerns.

Often, members are in need of assistance in achieving final closure with unresolved employment related matters. PSPA encourages the use of “Member Dialogue” as a neutral (non-biased) communication platform for individuals to initiate dialogue (begin the communicating process) before the need arises where third party intervention, including but not limited to: workforce commissions, equal employment opportunity commissions, civil courts, criminal courts and/or lawyers are sought and engaged.

Use PSPA "Member Dialogue" in conjunction with the PSPA Member Directory. The member directory contains name and contact information of fellow members (when supplied) that may prove beneficial to you.

When clicking below, you will be re-routed to the "eForm Template" with instructions on how to proceed.

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