Group Networking

Registered Members (both Individual Members and Business Members) are provided access to Group Networking© our web-based “SSL Encrypted Cloud Server” blogging platform.

From our proprietary template, members create their own Private Communications Network for the mass-dissemination of two-way Informational Bulletins (via text and digital image) between an unlimited number of people/groups.

Applicable groups include, but are not limited to: Proprietary Security Organizations, Contract Security Service Firms, Residential Home Owner Associations, Business and Recreational Organizations, Security Director Associations and Crime Watch Groups, to name just a few.

Group Networking is a cyber-friendly alternative to Group Emailing and Group Texting as all data is hosted and transmitted through PSPA versus your business or personal: computer, computer network, land-line telephone system or mobile smart-phone.

Building a Group Network is simple and limitless. On average, a Group Network can be created in less than five (5) minutes.

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