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The following Services and Benefits are available to Individual Members and Business Members (unless otherwise stated) 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Training and Certification Programs

Private Security plays a significant role in the day-to-day protection of people and assets. The steadfast growth in Private Security coupled with the broadened responsibilities placed upon the Private Security Sector, further necessitates the effective hiring, training and deployment of educated security personnel to accomplish the needs of the industry and those served by the industry.

Currently, a majority of States require an occupational license to work as a security officer and conversely, some States have no requirements. Occupational licenses, permits, and/or commissions may include a criminal background check and mandated training. However, a national standard ceases to exist.

To this end, PSPA has developed (and where applicable is State licensed to administer) a comprehensive library of TrainingCertification, and Continuing Education (CE) Programs for Private Security (Officers, Supervisors, and Managers) in addition to Employers and Clients who: own, manage, oversee and/or engage security programs, security personnel, or life safety services.

PSPA Training and Certification Programs are available to all "Registered" Individual Members.

On-line programs are graded on a Pass/Fail basis. Training and Certification Certificates are archived on-line and available for immediate retrival (viewing, downloading, and printing) upon successful completion.

PSPA Certificates of Membership and Certificates of Completion are accepted by countless agencies, institutions, and organizations (both public and private) as Continuing Education Units (CEU’s). 

PSPA is an approved Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Provider for the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA/BOMI) ► Real Property Administrator RPA®, Facilities Management Administrator FMA®, Systems Maintenance Administrator SMA®, and Systems Maintenance Technician SMT® designations; a Continuing Education (CE) Provider to the National Domestic Preparedness Coalition (NDPC), the National Sheriffs Association (NSA); and a licensed Level III Training & Continuing Education School for the Department of Public Safety (TXDPS Private Security Bureau) to name just a few. 

Education and Certification is a Powerful Tool !

Formal education when coupled with professional certification establishes a level of expertise within a field of study. When an individual becomes “Certified” they acquire a designation which further establishes qualifications in their professional ability, credibility, and opinion.

Upon successful completion of any PSPA Certification Program, members become approved and are encouraged to display the PSPA Certification acronym: CSO, CSS, and CSM on their applicable business correspondence.

The CSO, CSS, and CSM designations do not pre-qualify or represent a member’s ability to perform. The certification designations are not intended to be used in lieu of an employer’s or end user’s responsibility to independently: screen, select, hire, train, or supervise its workforce. As with all professional vocations, workers must be effectively qualified, trained, and supervised to best ensure a safe, secure, lawful, and desired outcome. 

For more information, please visit our ABOUT US and FAQ Page for expanded details.

For more information, visit our Training Programs and/or Certification Programs (1.) Home Page routing icon, (2.) Home Page drop-down menu or your (3.) Virtual Office.

News Room

Our News Room comprises industry specific information and news that we find relevant enough to share with our member community.  

We welcome member input and/or the supplying of information for review and consideration for inclusion into our News Room.

Member Directory

Our Member Directory is comprised of (1.) Individual Members and (2.) Business Members. 

Directory listings include: names, telephone numbers, email addresses and website links.

Directory data is maintained by Individual Members and Business Members.

Members have the option of being listed or de-listed from the Member Directory and Local Ticker Tape.

Member Dialogue

Member Dialogue© is an internet-based email platform available to all Members, both Individual Members and Business Members.

Member Dialogue is a convenient and easy-to-use Email Platform designed to encourage communications between parties who have unresolved employment related issues, problems, or concerns.

Often, members are in need of assistance in achieving final closure with unresolved employment related matters. PSPA encourages the use of “Member Dialogue” as a neutral (non-biased) communication platform for individuals to initiate dialogue (begin the communicating process) before the need arises where third party intervention, including but not limited to: workforce commissions, equal employment opportunity commissions, civil courts, criminal courts and/or lawyers are sought and engaged.

Virtual Office

Both, Individual Members and Business Members are provided a personalized Virtual Office for real-time access to all PSPA e-managed programs. This feature comprises a user-friendly dashboard for direct access to all on-line services, including but not limited to: account management, program administration, training, certification and continuing educational programs.

Research Library

Our Research Library comprises Files, Documents and Articles which our contributors and staff writes and submits for review, approval, and subsequent publication. 

We welcome member input and/or the supplying of information for review and consideration for inclusion into our Research Library.

Group Networking

Registered Members (both Individual Members and Business Members) are provided access to Group Networking© our web-based “SSL Encrypted Cloud Server” blogging platform.

From our proprietary template, members create their own Private Communications Network for the mass-dissemination of two-way Informational Bulletins (via text and digital image) between an unlimited number of people/groups. 

Applicable groups include, but are not limited to: Proprietary Security Organizations, Contract Security Service Firms, Residential Home Owner Associations, Business and Recreational Organizations, Security Director Associations and Crime Watch Groups, to name just a few.  

Group Networking is a cyber-friendly alternative to Group Emailing and Group Texting as all data is hosted and transmitted through PSPA versus your business or personal: computer, computer network, land-line telephone system or mobile smart-phone.

Building a Group Network is simple and limitless. On average, a Group Network can be created in less than five (5) minutes. 


MyAssociates© allows an Individual Member to share his/her Biography Profile with one or more Business Members. Visit your MyAssociates file folder in your Virtual Office for details.

Refer A Friend

Individual Members and Business Members are encouraged to “Refer A Friend” (Friend, Colleague, or Business Professional) through our automated referral template. When a member completes the referral template, a personalized email  (including a complementary Individual Membership) will be emailed to the individual you referred.

Individual Members enjoy introducing Friends and Cohorts to their affiliation with PSPA.

Business Members enjoy introducing Clients and Prospective Clients to their affiliation with PSPA. 

Ticker Tape

Business Members (who register as a Security Services Firm or Provider of Goods & Services) are offered the opportunity to advertise in the “Local Suppliers” Ticker Tape. Business Members who provide services on a National Level are offered the opportunity to advertise in the “National Suppliers” Ticker Tape.

How the Ticker Tape Works: When a visitor, guest, or member places their cursor over a Company Name, the ticker tape will stop for viewing. Left-clicking on a Company Name will re-route (via hyperlink) you to that member’s website.

How the “Local Suppliers” Ticker Tape Works: Upon login, the ticker tape defaults to your City of Registration and showcases the business names of local suppliers. To view ticker tape data from other U.S. Cities, simply select an alternate City from the drop-down menu located in the header of the home page.

Member Store

Purchase a variety of PSPA merchandise, including but not limited to: Training and Certification Lapel Pens.

Health Coverage

PSPA has joined forces with Aflac and Homeland HealthCare, LLC to offer our members best-in-class voluntary insurance products at significant savings including Accident, Critical Illness, Cancer, Term Life and Dental Insurance.

Please visit our home page to be routed to Aflac.


We have provided a brief, yet comprehensive, listing of Organizations that we believe to be of benefit to our member community.


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Due to the increasing volume of activity we may take up to 72 hours to respond to your inquiry, should a response be appropriate.


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