Getting Started

On behalf of PSPA, we welcome you as a Guest, New Member, and/or Returning Member. 

This "Getting Started" page is provided as a general introduction to PSPA as well as a brief overview of our Registration Process for Individual Membership and Business Membership. 


PSPA is an Interactive (on-line) Membership Based Security Organization.

Established in 2010, PSPA was founded for the betterment of the private security industry, its practitioners, and end users, which include: Private Security Professionals, the Employers of Private Security Professionals, and the Clients who contract services of Private Security Agencies.

PSPA understands that Private Security plays a significant role in the day-to-day protection of people and assets. The steadfast growth in Private Security coupled with the broadened responsibilities placed upon the Private Security sector, further necessitates the effective hiring, training and deployment of educated security personnel to accomplish the needs of the industry and those served by the industry. 

To this end, PSPA has developed (and where applicable is State licensed to administer) a comprehensive library of TrainingCertification, and Continuing Education (CE) Programs for Private Security (Officers, Supervisors, and Managers) in addition to Employers and Clients who: own, manage, oversee and/or engage security programs, security personnel or life safety services.

To read and view more about PSPA, visit our top-of-the-page TOOL BAR and select from our: About Us, Frequently Asked Questions and/or Services and Benefits, information pages. Additionally, please visit and tour through our website in more detail as a number of areas have been made "public" for your convenience.  

How to Join / Types of Membership

Joining PSPA as an Individual Member and/or Business Member is simple and accomplished exclusively on-line.

The time it takes to join PSPA as an Individual Member and/or Business Member varies greatly based upon an individual's ability to read, comprehend, and function within a computerized environment in addition to a number of other variables including, but not limited to: computer performance, internet service provider performance, local connectivity, and volume of internet traffic.

Individual Membership

Individual Memberships are available to the General Public (Individuals).

Members are provided 24X7 access to all services showcased on our home page as well as those listed on our home page, drop-down tool bar, titled, Services and Benefits.

Each member is provided a "Virtual Office" for his/her managing and networking on-site and within our library of Educational Resources, Training Programs, Certification Programs, and State Required Training & Continuing Education.

Business Membership

Business Memberships are available to Businesses (both Public and Private) which include, but is not limited to: Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Associations, and Organizations.

Business Members include: Propriety Security Organizations, Contract Security Agencies, and General Business Owners, Partners, Directors, Managers and Administrators who interface with private security providers and/or private security professionals.

Business Members are categorized within our Registry and Membership Directory in one of four ways:

  • Proprietary Security Organization (in-house security department)
  • Security Services Firm (contract security company)
  • Provider of Goods & Services (other than uniformed labor)
  • Security Services Consumer (end-user / client)

Business Members are provided 24x7 access to all services showcased on our home page as well as those listed on our home page, drop-down tool bar, titled, Services and Benefits (with the exception of on-line training and certification, which is independently linked).

Business Members are provided a "Virtual Office" for real-time access to all PSPA e-management programs. 

Our "Virtual Office" provides direct access to all successfully completed Training and Certification files of its individual member community. This feature allows business to administer and manage all on-line training and certification programs with over-the-internet convenience. The feature comprises a real-time dashboard for viewing, charting, downloading and printing all member community Training and Certification Certificates of Completion.

Disclosures / Agreements

As a condition of Individual Membership and/or Business Membership, applicant (registrant) must read, understand, agree to, and abide by all PSPA: Terms and Conditions of Use, Privacy Policy, and Membership Bylaws. It is required that all applicants take his/her time to read each Disclosure/Agreement in its entirety prior to acceptance. 

Additionally, we ask that all applicants take his/her time reading, completing and submitting all requisite Registration and Payment information to help eliminate if not reduce confusion, uncertainty, misunderstanding, data processing errors and/or delays. 

Opt Out

Applicant can Opt Out (change their mind) prior to the making of any membership payment by simply logging off and exiting the website.

PSPA does NOT charge (require a payment) for any membership, until which time the applicant has had the opportunity to read and agree to all PSPA: Terms and Condition of Use, Privacy Policy and Membership Bylaws. In the event applicant does not understand or simply disagrees with any Disclosure/Agreement, simply depress the "DISAGREE" button located at the bottom of the page, log-off, exit the site, and discontinue any further use.

Member can Opt Out (change their mind) after becoming a member by simply logging off and exiting the website. Members sole and exclusive remedy in the event of any dissatisfaction with the site, disagreement with or non-agreement with any of our Terms and Conditions of Use, Privacy Policy or Membership Bylaws after becoming a member is to simply discontinue use of the site. 

We would appreciate hearing from you if you feel our organization has not meet your expectations as member input further fuels our quest for perfection.

Please feel free to email us at and candidly communicate your thoughts and/or recommendations.

Membership Dues / Payments Accepted

Individual Membership - Eighty Five dollars ($85.00) annually

Business Membership - One Thousand Five Hundred and Fifty dollars ($1,550.00) annually

We accept two (02) types of payments:

    1. Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB and Diners Club International)

    2. Pre-Approved / Corporate Identification Number (CIN) Code

Business Membership - Corporate Discount Options

We provide Introductory Trial Offers and Corporate Discount Pricing (based on volume and type of use). All Corporate Discount Programs are billed monthly with payment due, net 30 days, via bank check and/or money order.

Join Now

To Join Now, visit our Home Page and double-click the Individual Membership or Business Membership box located just below the Join Now (red red-in-color) arrow.

To Read and View More, visit our top-of-the-page TOOL BAR and select from our: About Us, Frequently Asked Questions and/or Services and Benefits, information pages. Additionally, please visit and tour through our website in more detail as a number of areas have been made "public" for your convenience.  

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