Types of Membership

PSPA offers two (2) separate and distinct types of membership.

1. Individual Membership

Individual Memberships are available to the General Public (Individuals).

Members are provided 24X7 access to all services showcased on our home page as well as those listed on our home page, drop-down tool bar, titled, Services and Benefits.

Each member is provided a "Virtual Office" for their managing and networking on-line within our library of Services, Benefits, Educational Resources, Training Programs, Certification Programs, and State Required Training & Continuing Education Programs.

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2. Business Membership

Business Memberships are available to Businesses (both Public and Private) which include, but is not limited to: Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Associations, and Organizations.

Business Members include: Propriety Security Organizations, Contract Security Agencies, and General Business Owners, Partners, Directors, Managers and Administrators who interface with private security providers and/or private security professionals.

Business Members are categorized within our Registry and Membership Directory in one of four ways:

  • Proprietary Security Organization (in-house security department)
  • Security Services Firm (contract security company)
  • Provider of Goods & Services (other than uniformed labor)
  • Security Services Consumer (end-user / client)

Business Members are provided 24x7 access to all services showcased on our home page as well as those listed on our home page, drop-down tool bar, titled, Services and Benefits (with the exception of on-line training and certification, which is independently linked).

Business Members are provided a "Virtual Office" for real-time access to all PSPA e-management programs. 

Our "Virtual Office" provides direct access to all successfully completed Training and Certification files of its individual member community. This feature allows business to administer and manage all on-line training and certification programs with over-the-internet convenience. The feature comprises a real-time dashboard for viewing, charting, downloading and printing all member community Training and Certification Certificates of Completion.

Members also enjoy advertising space within our Member Directory and Home Page Ticker Tape.

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