Are Your Retail Security Guards Proficient In PR Skills?

Are Your Retail Security Guards Proficient In PR Skills?

August 20, 2014 – Shumaela S Rana    

Shoplifting, whether organized or perpetrated by individuals, is a source of major revenue losses for the retail industry. While it is of paramount importance for retailers to effectively reduce retail theft, it is equally important that they do not hire retail security guards whose appearance, tactics, demeanor, or lack of essential skill sets will alienate customers.

How Inappropriate Retail Security Personnel Can Hurt Your Business

Most retail industry sectors are extremely competitive and there is little hope of repeat business for a store that fails to provide its customers with a pleasant user experience. With the rapid proliferation of large retail outlets and malls, there has also been an increase in retail theft, also known as "shoplifting." This, in turn, has given rise to increased demand for loss-prevention personnel like security guards. To be effective, inside retail security operations require staffing with guards who have had extensive training, and possess appropriate skills, as well as physical and psychological attributes. Unfortunately the rise in demand for security staff has frequently resulted in the hiring of inappropriate and/or unskilled personnel who fail, through neglect or over-zealousness, to fulfill their mandate.

Why Trained Security Staff Is A Must For Your Business

While you do expect your security staff to prevent retail theft through deterrence and apprehension, at the same time, you are also looking to avoid lawsuits resulting from wrongful accusations and other unpleasant occurrences. For example, charges of racial profiling have recently hurt several major retailers. Retail security guards must be trained to walk this fine line.

Loss prevention and PR go side by side when you are looking at the portfolio of a retail security company. No retail operation can hope to be profitable, in the long run, if its security staff is lacking in either capability. For national retail chains, the best of all possible worlds is to find a security provider who can provide nationwide security guards who can mitigate retail loss without incurring damaging law suits and negative public perceptions.

Advantages of a Nationwide Security Provider for Multi-Market Retail Chains

For retailers with outlets in several geographic locations, there are significant advantages to retaining a single nationwide security guard provider as opposed to using different local providers in each location. By using a single nationwide provider you will cut administrative costs, and you'll get consistency in service as well as reduced liability risk. In other words, your job will be easier, the security will be better, and your risks from potential lawsuits will be reduced. That's a winning hand.

With the single point of contact afforded you by hiring a nationwide security provider, all the administrative tasks associated with managing your company's security function become routine and efficient.

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