Dispelling Terror and Terrorism: The Importance of Security in an Office Area

Dispelling Terror and Terrorism: The Importance of Security in an Office Area

July 26, 2012 – Blake Mitchell

In more ways than you can think of, the U.S. suffered severely from the 9/11 assaults. The country was in despair and Americans felt fear after the maelstrom. But in a much less noticeable way, it hit the workplace real estate market as tough as the airplane that hit one of the towers.

The National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) confirmed this odd but valid relationship, mentioning the instance in Chicago. While Chicago wasn't a prime target for the suicide bombers, the terror of 9/11 was enough to increase vacancy rates in the city's business districts. Among the afflicted workplace structures was Willis Tower (previously Sears Tower), presently the tallest building in the country. This leads to the question: When choosing workplace rooms, are tall office structures now out of the question?

Quite the contrary, it would seem. In fact, buildings in central business districts stay feasible office room choices due to their beneficial and exclusive locations. In addition, the US government has magnified protection efforts to keep history from duplicating itself. Although such risks can never ever be avoided with absolute certainty, entrepreneurs can rely on the authorities to execute proper safety measures.

However, safety isn't the job of the authorities alone; it's also the responsibility of every resident. When picking a workplace space, taking note of the level of protection at a prospective property is already fulfilling your part. Even prior to 9/11, security is something firms in search of workplace room routinely think about.

You can ask the building administration or any sort of workplace space broker about the level of security at a certain location. Conduct a field examination and take special note of just how well the structure can shield itself from internal and external dangers. With an average of 500 robbery cases from 2004 to 2008, you can never be too complacent when it concerns building protection for a Fairfax VA office space.

So aside from dimension and distance to essential facilities, protection must be of the utmost concern in any sort of Fairfax VA office space. The optimal office room should satisfy your company needs while making it uncomplicated to preserve the level of security you want. It's for that reason unwise to rule out office rooms in tall structures, taking into consideration that space itself is a luxury nowadays.

You can learn more about this topic by going to the NBER's official website at NBER.org. Additionally, the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) has a thing or two to clarify about addressing the hazard of terrorism at a Fairfax VA office space. You can check out more about it at their website, IFMA.org.