Dome Security Cameras - The Perfect Solution for All Your Surveillance Needs

Dome Security Cameras - The Perfect Solution for All Your Surveillance Needs

April 22, 2010Laura Wattenberg 

Dome Security cameras are dome shaped cameras used for closely observing commercial as well as residential sectors. These cameras are considered as one of the most effective means of monitoring an area as their size and appearance provides the users with more options for hiding them from public eye. They are easy to install and can be easily mounted on walls or any other desired location. They provide the user with recorded video footage which acts as evidence against intruders and helps the police in nabbing them. These cameras come with several advanced features which make them a must buy for every individual.

These cameras provide the users with flawless surveillance and make them feel safe and secure. The dome security cameras available in the market are vandal proof which makes them efficient enough to withstand harsh weather conditions or any other attempt to disable them. Several dome cameras offer the customers unique facility of recording video footage even in low light conditions. These cameras are the perfect solution for all your surveillance needs and can be easily installed in places like hospitals, educational institutions, shopping malls, amusement parks etc.

These cameras are enabled with unique features like pan-tilt zoom and 24X7 surveillance. The pan-tilt zoom feature of these cameras allows them to monitor moving objects. The 360 degree view helps them to cover larger area at same time and thus provides the customers with better and efficient surveillance. Some of the dome security cameras offered. These cameras offer the customers facility to set the color mode which means that they can record the video footage in color as well as in black and white.

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