Guard Tour Systems

Guard Tour Systems

By Alexandros Tagkas  |   Submitted On July 31, 2015

Guard tour systems help companies and clients to monitor their guard’s activities in several daily tasks, such as buildings, assets, and equipment protection. The system certifies that the guards have passed from the specific checkpoint in the predefined time and have sent incidents reports describing the situation or any risk they came up with.

Security guard tour systems ensure high reliability status and safety level. They enhance awareness and supply proved documentation about any occurred incident. As a result, the security company enjoys higher efficiency, upgraded security operations, and reinforced reliability towards clients and partners.

A patrol monitoring system strengthens the effort of acquiring crucial information: Both security companies and clients they represent need to get thorough answers to the following questions:

Which locations and places are under control?

When a specific location is inspected (date and time)?

How often a specific location is inspected?

How to ensure that a guard will follow a predefined guard?

Which will be the time delay in case an immediate action is required?

How to control the total patrol time of the guards and manage budget issues?

All of the above are necessary in order to achieve security services perfection and total patrol management. Software solutions automate tasks and increase work efficiency level. So, the most security companies worldwide specializing in guard tour solutions use software guard tour systems to accomplish security tasks of this type.

Using a guard tour system, companies can record the date and time of the location of an incident, take a picture of any suspicious action, record any detail and notify all people related in the situation.

The system gives historical data for all tours conducted. Information about a guard tour is recorded and reported at time of the inspection, in real-time. Real time precise data provide no-doubt information about any aspect of a specific patrol regarding incidents and guards' activities.

Security companies using a guard monitoring system undertake the following tasks in order to implement their guard tours:

Assign checkpoints to specific areas and locations.

Assign roles and territories to the guards.

Track guards location at any time.

Define specific schedules for each guard to accomplish.

Ensure that guards follow the schedule they have been assigned for.

Know how often the guards conduct their location inspections.

Be aware of the exact time intervals of guards' patrols.

Upgrading Guard Tour Systems with cloud technology

Guard tour systems could be separated in two categories: Traditional systems and cloud based systems.

The traditional guard tour monitoring systems rely on a device which helps guards scan checkpoints in multiple locations and keep data of their patrols. When an incident is recorded on the device, a log is created and data are stored for further use and processing.

On the other hand, cloud based guard tour systems enable real-time interconnection with an Alarm Monitoring Center. The data are sent via GPRS/3G/4G/ Wi-Fi in real -time and are transmitted immediately through cloud infrastructure.

Upgrading your security tasks with cloud technology is a significant boost to the security services provided. A NFC/QR-code cloud system incorporates all the features of innovative cloud technology, eliminating daily time-consuming tasks, enhancing reliability and enabling paperless reports.

Taking into consideration basic advantages of cloud infrastructure, a cloud based guard tour system offers:

Access in information with minimum infrastructure cost

Improved flexibility

Management and monitoring from any place in the world

No need of time-consuming hand-written reports

Automatic software updates

Multiple device use (smartphones, tablets, laptops)

No need for disaster recovery plan

On the other hand, traditional systems lack of core features regarding flexibility and data interoperability, suffering of:

Need for constant files backup

Infrastructure cost - Server maintenance need

Limited in-house management - monitoring ability

Limited control on guards reliability

No updates during lifetime subscription

In conclusion, a guard tour system is a crucial choice which may skyrocket the efficiency of a security company and improve significantly the level of services provided.

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