Protect your Computer from Virus Corruption

Protect your Computer from Virus Corruption

January 2015 - Federal Bureau of Investigation

Make sure you have updated antivirus software on your computer.

Enable automated patches for your operating system and web browser.

Have strong passwords, and don’t use the same passwords for everything.

Use a pop-up blocker.

Only download software—especially free software—from sites you know and trust (malware can also come in downloadable games, file-sharing programs, and customized toolbars).

Don’t open attachments in unsolicited e-mails, even if they come from people in your contact list, and never click on a URL contained in an unsolicited e-mail, even if you think it looks safe. Instead, close out the e-mail and go to the organization’s website directly.

Use the same precautions on your mobile phone as you would on your computer when using the Internet.

To prevent the loss of essential files due to an infection, it’s recommended that individuals and businesses always conduct regular system back-ups and store the backed-up data offline.