So What Exactly is a Security Guard Tour System and How Does it Work?

So What Exactly is a Security Guard Tour System and How Does it Work?

November 15, 2009 – Christopher Lara

Security Guard Tour Systems are a system used to help monitor security guards in effectively making sure that they patrol their rounds. This ensures quality security, and detailed activity. Guard tour systems consist of three major components; the scanner, an incident booklet, and the radio-frequency identification chips (RFID) RFID's are, simply put, a small electronic device that you can place on walls, in certain objects, underwater, etc. that get scanned to acknowledge that the area has been patrolled. RFID's can be hidden in discrete locations, and be kept hidden from sight. Even when it's hidden it can still be scanned. For example: Part of a security guards patrolling area is to check the back entrance of a building. With the RFID chip discretely in place the guard scans it, and it gets logged into the incident booklet.

What is an incident booklet? Let me tell you...

An incident booklet is a little booklet that a security guard carries with them, and it is used like a notebook. In this incident booklet the guard marks things down that may be wrong. Now that's where the similarities end. Unlike a traditional notebook where you have to write down the incident, use a lot of paper, and spend time writing (time that could have been spent monitoring the area) all of that will have been done with the simple click of the scanner. Yes, that's it. All you have to do is scan the RFID, and digitally mark down what the incident is. The incident's can be pre-programmed with common security issues such as vandalism, disturbances, etc. These incidents can be changed if circumstances apply. Simplicity is great, isn't it?

Let's look at an example, shall we?

A security guard is patrolling their area, and notices graffiti. Instead of having to write down the details of what happened, they just pull out their incident booklet, scan that there's graffiti, and move on to their next post. The guard's activity will be logged, and will be taken care of. When sent to the computer all the activity from the guard's rounds will be logged and recorded. The time, location, and incident (if any) will be on record.

Afterwards you can decide whether or not to print it out for your hard copy records, or store it digitally.

Another great advantage that guard tour systems have is that it helps monitor the activity of the security guards themselves. This will ensure that their posts are effectively maintained, and are actively patrolled. In the case that a guard doesn't check in at a post at a certain time, other security guards can be dispatched to check on their status. Security guard tour systems can also be utilized in construction sites, amusement parks, or other venues where maintenance crews are frequented.

Security guard tour systems are an overall effective way to ensure quality security service, and maintain an excellent reputation.

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