Video Surveillance Security Systems - The Perfect Prescription for Pharmaceutical Theft

Video Surveillance Security Systems - The Perfect Prescription for Pharmaceutical Theft

July 08, 2007 - Nahshon Roberts

Bang! The police officer shoots from his cruiser towards the getaway vehicle. The criminals zigzag their vehicle through traffic. They seem to be aware yet uncaring about the vehicles around them. As the vehicles cross into the intersection, the getaway car swerves to the side, barely avoiding a tilting semi-trailer. The culprits then turn quickly right into a narrow street, better designed for people than for vehicles. The old sedan barely clears the walls as it races down the narrow strip. The vehicle seems to be pulling away, but then a brick wall looms ahead. They have turned into an alleyway! The thieves start to climb out of the car, ready to start a shootout. But just then the police rush up, order the criminals to drop their guns, and then place handcuffs over their wrists. Later that day, police authorities review the tapes that the video surveillance security system produced. What was so valuable in the trunk of the burglars? Was it gold? Was it diamonds? Was it narcotics? No, the trunk contained boxes of legal drugs to treat high cholesterol levels!

Five-finger Discounts on the Rise

Organized retail theft is a growing operation in the U.S., creating a growing demand for video surveillance security systems. Throughout the U.S., organized theft accounts for up to $30 billion in losses each year. Big-time retailers such as Wal-Mart and Sears are creating databases by which they will share information about cases of shoplifting. This will help to prevent organized shoplifting teams that hit several retailers at the same time, greatly increasing the effectiveness of video surveillance security systems.

Drug Demand

Recently, a drug store association launched its own shared database of theft instances. This makes sense, as pharmaceutical sales in the U.S. have reached $250 billion each year, the largest chunk in the annual worldwide revenue of $600 billion. And for half a decade, the bestselling prescription drug in the world has been a cholesterol pill. What other expensive ailments are causing certain drugs to sell like hotcakes, making them extra hot on the street and warranting video surveillance security systems?

* High cholesterol's total cost was $13.6 billion, while certain drugs can reduce the number of heart attacks by a third.

* Asthma's total cost was $10.7 billion, due to the appearance of newer, more expensive drugs.

* Anxiety Disorders' total cost was $9.9 billion, with the number of patients doubling to 12 million over 5 years.

* Windpipe problems' total cost was $8.9 billion, with new drugs appearing on the market.

* Arthritis's total cast was $7.8 billion, with much of the cost related to expensive pills.

* Non-specific chest pain's total cost was $6.6 billion, with much of the cost related to checking if patients have heart conditions.

Rx to Prevent Theft

With theft becoming an increased threat to pharmaceutical companies, retailers of prescription drugs should be methodical and thorough when installing video surveillance security systems. Cameras should be placed in places such as entrances, exists, stockrooms, storage areas, parking lots, and on cash registers. Also, using various combinations of cameras will provide the best view of potential thieves.

With organized thefts on the rise, pharmaceutical retail stores must consider tightening up security to prevent burglaries. Indeed, video surveillance security systems are the perfect prescription for pharmaceutical theft!

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